It must have been cold in Hell

I can't remember the last time we won a flag football game. It might have been a year ago. We've played three more seasons since then without a victory to our name (it's "We Like to Score" if you care). Sure, we've had some close calls and quite a few frustrations but we continued to show up week after week for the beer afterwards if nothing else.

Well that all changed Saturday. We had a noon game and it was cloudy and slightly cool. Perfect football weather. I'm not sure what sort of stars had aligned, but we found ourselves up 14-0 at halftime. There were some interceptions and some miraculous catches. For once, everything was going our way.

We had to hang on in the second half. The team wore down and our opponents had a lot of subs. Our defense got a little lax, but we managed to get a big play or two when we needed it. When the whistle finally blew, Kelly asked, "Does this mean we won?" None of us could actually believe it.

So now we revel in the fact that we on top of the league. We are 1 and 0, undefeated in the fall season. We are #1!

We are enjoying it.

Favorite song of the Week:
"Catch the Wind" by Donovan - Continuing my belief that all great songs will one day end up in commercials, this tune was playing during a Volvo ad the other day. It's a pity that some people will now only think of cars when they hear this song... a pity.

Carrie and I were at Kaldi's Saturday and a Donovan tune came on. The bartender mentioned to his friend that Ione Skye (the actress who played John Cusack's girlfriend in Say Anything...) is Donovan's daughter. The friend (admittedly a younger guy) said he'd never seen Say Anything... Then Carrie said she'd never seen it either. It turns out a large number of my friends have never seen this movie. I'm not all up to date with my 80's movies but Say Anything... is a necessity. I'm not sure I can talk to these people any more. They don't know that kickboxing is the sport of the future!

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Josh said...

Ione Skye is perhaps equally famous for being the onetime wife of Beastie Boy Adrock, you know.

Also, I've only seen Say Anything once. It's awesome, but almost too serious of a John Cusack movie. No, I immediately retract that. "Kickboxing—sport of the future" is one of the best lines ever.