It's a British thing

In England post offices are very important. People can cash checks, pick up their pensions and get passports there. That's why you should check out this video from a guy who is trying to keep his post office open. Plus, it's super funny (stay until the very end).


Spectator1 said...

You've got me hooked on the Vows column. LOVE this paragraph in one from a few weeks ago: Her closet then, as now, was spare, containing only a few items by designers like Giorgio Armani. "I don't need a lot of things, but I do need perfection," she said.

Spectator1 said...

By the way, that column was interesting. It was a marriage between a woman and her college English teacher from the 70s. I also very much appreciated that she wore a black dress to her ceremony. As Miranda says in Sex and the City, "I have a kid. The jig is up."

Summer said...

"and they'd have to sell their vans." I've never seen a more mournful rabbit before. love it.

t said...

Very funny!!!
The animation reminds me of some old Monty Python stuff!
Undoubtedly intentional!