I bet you don't know I'm a superhero

It's a long story but one night several years ago, Shawn and Josh and I formed the San Francisco Three. Ideally there was a purpose to this group, but it really just gave us a reason to go around saying stupid things like, "Ah, San Francisco! It's good to be back in The Windy City."

Yeah, that's how awesome we are.

But Shawn, with visions of superhero world domination in his head, has finally brought the true and amazing stories of the SF3 to life. You can go here to see what he's been working on. I just like that I get to wear a cape.


Josh said...

Shawn intentionally made himself better-looking than me. I just think that is bullshit.

Eileen said...

I like how you guys have identical orange hats. What's weirder is that you actually do.

Shawn said...

I seek only the portray the reality I see around me, distilling the very essence of life to a concentrated tonic that will...I actually don't know what the fuck I'm doing, but it's fun.

Eileen, keep an eye on Josh's hat as it rotates on his head, artfully capturing his varying moods.

And I'm pretty sure that superheros who complain too much end up wearing pink tights.

God...I'm way too easily amused.