New York, New York, it's a wonderful town! The Bronx is up and the Battery's down.

O.k., now that I have all my clearances, I bring you photos from my New York City trip. I was too busy having drinks on Friday and most of Saturday to actually take pictures so we begin after seeing my friend Andrew's play on Saturday night. I went to high school with Andrew (we even went to prom together but that's another story) but I hadn't seen him in almost eight years. I knew I needed to visit people in NYC but when I heard he was directing a play, I timed my trip accordingly.

Now when I think of Andrew, I picture this:

Yes, this was his senior picture.

Or this:

So seeing him in New York blew my mind. He seemed all growed up. It was great to see him involved in theater - something he's always loved. I also forgot what an awesome laugh he has. It made me think about all my friends and how great they sound when they laugh. They're like big, loud snowflakes. Think about it...

Anyway, after the play, a bunch of us went out to catch up on things. It was great talking with everybody and Andrew once again seemed so much older than the teenager I remembered. Then, I told him I wanted to get a photo of him for my mom and he did this:

Some things never change.

Later, we went out for karaoke (my favorite) and I got another photo:

So that was about it for Saturday. Sunday, we woke up just in time for the New York City Marathon. It goes right by Josh's apartment so we sat on the fire escape and cheered on all the runners. Here are Josh's roommates Jon and Stephanie out on the fire escape:

They're married. Aren't they cute?

First, the Kenyans went by:

Then everybody else:

I also snapped some photos of Josh and his new girlfriend, Kelly. She was totally fun and we tried not to gang up on Josh too much. Don't they look all Midwestern and wholesome?

And here's the schmoopy version:

Kelly also gave me a list of yarn stores to go see on Monday while all my friends were at work. I don't have pictures because honestly yarn shops are only exciting if you care about yarn. It was like a little scavenger hunt, though, and I got see a lot of the city. There was also that taping of the Colbert Report which was a lot of fun. I also shouldn't forget Nancy. She and her roommates were at most of these things I just somehow didn't get pictures of them. Sorry Nancy, I'll get your photo next time.


Shawn said...

Did you ever notice that in the first picture, Andrew sort of looks like HS Eileen? Weird... In the second, he looks like a brown-haired Carrottop...

Wow, how sunny was it in NYC? It looks downright pleasant...

Eileen said...

How do you know what HS Eileen looks like?

The weather in NYC was beautiful the whole weekend. But you know I bring sunny weather wherever I go.

Shawn said...

I've seen the incriminating photos...

Do you walk on the sunshine or carry it in your pocket?

And, it's Saturday, did I mention I love Auburn? I also noticed that one Misery team won too...