Just shouldn't ever have to be this hard

Who: Me and Jeff Tweedy, lead singer of Wilco
What: An embarrassing non-encounter
Where: The Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri
When: 10/7/95 (according to the internet)
Why: I had toilets to clean

If you'll think back to my blathering about A Ghost Is Born, you'll remember that I bought today's album, A.M. by Wilco shortly before I left for college. Well, shortly after I started college I got a job as a cleaner at a club called The Blue Note. It paid minimum wage, but I could get into the shows for free. I was loving my Wilco album and I was totally excited when I found out they were coming to The Blue Note. Cleaning was more fun on days when there was a band in town that I liked. They would wander around and you could maybe mingle a little. Very cool.

For the embarrassing part, though, you need to know a little of the layout of the club. The cleaning closet where we kept our supplies was in a little hallway that led to the men's bathroom. There was no other door to the men's room but that usually wasn't a problem because there was no one around during the day.

No one except Jeff Tweedy.

So as I'm buzzing around all excited about the Wilco show, I decide to pop into the cleaning closet to get a new mop head. When I turn the corner, through, I realize I'm standing just a few feet away from Jeff - using the urinal. Stealthily (I like to think) I slink into the tiny cleaning closet and stand there as quietly as possible until Jeff leaves (he did wash his hands). He seemed pretty occupied with the job at hand so I don't think he noticed me (or at least that's what I choose to believe). Overall it's not the most embarrassing moment ever, but it's still the closest I've ever been to Jeff Tweedy.

So what does all of this have to do with A.M.? Not much. It's a great driving down a dirt road kind of album. I especially enjoy it when I'm in the Ozarks. If you're a recent fan of the band, you might be surprised by how overwhelmingly country they sound on this album. "Box Full Of Letters" is a good song in any genre, though.


Shawn said...

I still can't believe you didn't ask for his autograph... It makes the story to know that he washed his hands. You could be an excellent reporter Eileen.

Shawn said...

I just saw this Guster concert recording and thought about you because it was recorded at The Blue Note. Weird... It's not accessible yet, but should be pretty soon. I love the Archive.