Won't you show me everything you know?

I've been to Stockton, California several times but there was only one trip that didn't involve photographing high school basketball. I bought two tickets to see Semisonic at the University of the Pacific and then bullied my friend Shawn to go with me.

There were two parts to this plan. One, I'd seen Semisonic live several times and they're really good. Just three guys up there playing a bunch of different things at once. The songs are fun and everyone is happy. It's usually worth the $10-$15 ticket price.

Two, Shawn might whine about going to a concert at first, but once he gets there and sees all the girls jumping up and down, he's in his happy place. I really think concerts might be his natural habitat.

Semisonic were touring in support of their latest album All About Chemistry. It was the 2001 follow-up to Feeling Strangely Fine (which had their big hit "Closing Time"). Suddenly, everyone knew who they were.

Now I'm going to claim original old school Semisonic lovin'. I bought their first album back in 1996 after I saw them at The Blue Note and I've lost track of how many times I've seen them in concert. The concert in Stockton was a fun time (we missed the opening act - Pete Yorn) but All About Chemistry is by far their worst album.

There's none of their usual swagger and smirk on this album. It's like the fame got to them and they folded under the pressure. They just sound like they're trying too hard. The opening song "Chemistry" is really nice but that's the high point.

Nowadays I think Semisonic is broken up or "on hiatus" or something. That show in Stockton might be the last time I ever see them. Either way, it was a good run.

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Shawn said...

Now I think you're just pumping me up so that I'll be fun this weekend! It was a pretty good show, even though it was in Stockton.(Which for those who don't know, is truly a craphole.)

What I remember from this particular concert is that it was a pretty fun drive, the World's Biggest Semisonic Fan was next to me (no it wasn't Eileen...) and that, much like the Babe calling the home run, I called that I would get a pick and then backed it up with a beautiful Jedi move. I gave the pick to the World's Biggest Semisonic Fan and she was stoked.

This reminds me that one of Eileen's special gifts in life is the uncanny ability to drag people out to have fun. Thanks Weinie...