I guess I'm alright

The tooth agony is over so I guess it's back to the albums. I have to admit I've been having a mental block with today's album and I've been putting off writing about it. I'm not really sure why its been a problem but I'm just going to try and keep it short then move on.

I was watching 120 Minutes on Mtv back in 1995 (the last of its good years) when they played a video by a British band named Cast. The band was started by John Power, former bass player for the most underrated pop band of all time, the La's. I was thrilled to find that anyone from the La's was still making music so I bought the album, All Change, immediately.

All Change provided me with some excellent driving music over the years and it's really a nice album. What it isn't, though, is the La's and that always makes me a little sad. Their self-titled 1990 album is nearly perfect and I find myself comparing everything by Cast to that. I guess that's how a lot of people feel about Beatles' solo albums.

But one thing The Beatles never did was get back together and my research has informed me that the La's actually reunited this summer and played at Glastonbury. I can only hope the magic will return.

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