Have you got me in your bleeding heart file next to lady luck?

I discovered Canadian folkie Sarah Harmer at a listening station in a Barnes and Noble. Yeah, I'm hardcore. I bought her 2000 album You Were Here and I loved it for being sweet and romantic and a little bit angry all at the same time.

Today's album, though, is her 2004 release All of Our Names. It's not as angry, more melancholy. I like it better when Sarah's a little bit angry. I feel the same about Kathleen Edwards. "Greeting Card Aisle" is about as angry as she gets, which is why it's my favorite song on the album. Overall, the whole thing is decent but I think she's done better. She already has a new album out in Canada that's being released stateside in February, so it looks like I won't have to wait long for something else.


Shawn said...

I never thought of her as being angry at all...hmmm...now I wonder what I was missing. Maybe there was secret girl anger being expressed that boys can't detect.

I'm with you on the rest though. I really liked the early album, but not so much the newer one.

And I sort of like Kathleen Edwards too... That is I like her music, her lyrics and her voice, but for some reason I don't really enjoy listening to her. Go figure.

Eileen said...

I asked for the truth, everytime
And now the ugly details
Are stuck in my mind
And there's a premonition
I keep putting off
And the more time passes
The more I get soft

O.k., maybe it is subtle girl anger. I guess it's really just more emotion, be it humor, frustration, anger or love. Her new album seems a little light on the strong feelings.