All the papers lied tonight

Oh man, today's album is All of This and Nothing, a greatest hits collection by the Psychedelic Furs and it's making me feel all 80's. I want to put lots of stuff in my hair to make it all spiky or wavy or something and I'm suddenly overwhelmed by the sensation that there has never been a more beautiful instrument than the synthesizer.

I have to be honest here, though. I bought this album in the summer of 1999 when that Nissan commercial with "How Soon is Now?" was all over the airwaves and I was absolutely sure it was a Psychedelic Furs song (sorry Smiths). I had dial-up internet and lived in Iowa at the time so it was difficult to double check such assumptions. Imagine my confusion when I couldn't find the song anywhere on the Furs album. I thought it was the worst greatest hits collection ever.

Later, the summer of '99 became known as the summer Eileen bought both the Psychedelic Furs and Smiths greatest hits.

All was not lost, however. "The Ghost in You" and "Pretty in Pink" are still pretty nice tunes. I'm not sure I needed a whole album of Furs songs, though. Richard Butler kind of weirds me out.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Love Spit Love (fronted by Psychedelic Furs lead singer Richard Butler DID record "How Soon Is Now?" Its the theme from the TV show "Charmed" and is available on the soundtrack. So it probably was "the voice of the Furs" that you heard.