All I need is a pint a day

I've been waiting to post more albums in the hope that Jeff would grace me with my first truly British comment. See, he's on vacation in merry old England and has popped into one of those internet cafes now and then. Alas, no comment yet, so I'll have to move on.

But today's album is pretty fitting, too. It's Sir Paul's 1990 greatest hits compilation All The Best. I got this album when I was at the height of my Beatles love affair and it was shoved into the tape deck on many a family road trip. Sure, some of it is pretty sappy. I had trouble getting through "With a Little Luck" and "Silly Love Songs" but I have a HUGE soft spot for "No More Lonely Nights." Even the endless guitar solo makes my heart melt a little.

I guess my favorite thing about All The Best might be the inclusion of some great less well known songs "C Moon" and "Junior's Farm" are two that spring to mind. It also includes both of Paul's duets with black artists. It's fun to hear him try to be soulful with Stevie Wonder on "Ebony and Ivory" and "Say Say Say" is about the most awesome song ever. Oh Michael, why did you ever change?

This is an album for anyone who likes their 80's music with power chords and sappy lyrics instead of synthesizers and moaning (although, there's a nice sprinkling of the synths on here, too).

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