Isn't that the name of a box?

I read something a couple weeks ago (Rolling Stone maybe?) about this web site, but it was Carrie's insistence that I check it out that finally got me to discover the coolest thing ever.

Go to pandora.com. Seriously, go right now. It's sort of like internet radio meets Tivo. You tell it what you like and it plays similar music. It's so much fun. Right now, my station thinks I like folky stuff a little more than I really do, but we'll get that straightened out.

The other fun tool is pandora will tell you why its playing a certain song. It took all of about five minutes for it to figure out that I like "dynamic male vocals" (I think that means guys who yell). I've never listened to internet radio much but I can see this getting addictive.

Here's my story from the U2 concert. Right before the opening band started (The horrible Institute, featuring Gavin Rossdale from Bush and some guy who used to be in Helmet. They sound exactly like you imagine.) some crazy blonde woman and her husband pushed their way through the crowd. She was trying that ploy where you pretend you're looking for your friends who are up front somewhere, but then they just stopped beside Sarah and me.

The crowd around us was a little peeved. We'd all bonded and these interlopers were ruining are little bit of heaven. I was o.k. with them (they weren't in front of me after all) until Gavin walked out onto the runway that juts out from the stage. After he went by, the woman says to her husband, "I can't believe Bono is going to be that close!"

While that was a statement that ran through more than one person's mind that night, she might have been the only person that close to Bono who actually pronounced his name incorrectly. She said it like he might be married to Cher or something. It just blew my mind. In this day and age when U2 and/or Bono seem to be on tv every five minutes, you don't know how to say the guy's name? You went to the trouble of securing floor tickets to their concert and you can't say Bono? Insane!


Melissa said...

I am enjoying my music selection from pandora. Cool link! I am finally up on the internet again. I feel like I have missed so much...For instance, what happened to Josh's blog?

First the art project and then blog. This gal better bear his children =)

Kelly said...

Word. Come back, Josh - the Internet is jealous of your girlfriend!

You'd think the problem of people crowding in where they have no right to be would be alleviated in the stands, where everyone has an assigned seat, wouldn't you? Ha ha ha – you're so naive. The guy next to me had a woman sitting on his lap, because I guess her seats weren't as good as our totally awesome upper-deck seats. (Actually, they were pretty good - first row, so there was no one in between me and ... all the immense distance to the stage.) I think such antics are only permissible if there is actually an empty seat in the row.

Carrie G said...

Hahaha. I had a feeling you would like Pandora. I'm convinced they called it that because it's like opening Pandora's Box on your iTunes bill, or something. I bought so much music last night...

Shawn said...

Great, now I have discovered an apparent new-found love for disco...

That's right, I'm listening to Maxine Nighingale...I don't even know who Maxine Nightingale is. I'm figuring that they know what they're doing...I just hope I don't become overwhelmed with the long-submerged desire to spray paint 'disco' on Stop signs.

'Valentino I can do a tango,
I'm a burning fandango...'

Um yeah.

Clearly, I need to do some tweaking here...

I like the 'why are we making you listen to this?' thing. That's pretty cool!

Shawn said...

And...was the concert awesome? Did it make you orgasm in a multiple manner? Did Sonny Bono do the cel phone instead of lighter thing?

Eileen said...

The concert was great! I guess what blew my mind was how many hit songs U2 has had. They were like, "Oh, you like that song? How about this little ditty?"

I wouldn't call it orgasmic, though. I think I was more blown away by the whole thing when I saw them in Sacramento. That was the first time I'd seen them live and it was so much more than I was expecting.

Now on to Josh. I have no idea what's up with his blog. He set up that whole schedule and then barely made it a week. I guess two drink recipes were too much to ask for.

Shawn said...

Well, to make up for lost Josh drink recipes...I will take the liberty of presenting a lovely holiday drink.


Top Secret Preparation Method
Pour in glass.

And there you have it, a delightful missing Josh drink recipe to see you through the holidays.

Please remember to drink responsibly.