Slow down my bleeding heart

Nine years after I bought my first U2 album, I bought my second one. It was today's selection, All That You Can't Leave Behind (released October 31, 2000 according to Mr. Amazon). I probably wouldn't have even made it to a second album if it hadn't been for my friend Josh and his constant insistence that U2 is the best band on the face of the Earth.

I guess I had to see what all the fuss was about.

All That You Can't Leave Behind was on pretty heavy rotation for me through all of 2001. I have distinct little memories for each song that I won't bore you with. What surprises me the most, though, is how different they all are. At this point it's not so much an album to me as a memory book that I can break out at any time. It's nice.

I should also add that I'm going to be seeing U2 in concert on Saturday. My friend Sarah and I are driving up to Cleveland where she managed to procure floor seats for their show. Jeff and Josh, I'll be sure to tell Bono "hi" for you!

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Eileen said...

Hey, I just noticed that I choose two "bleeding heart" lyrics this week. that was seriously not planned. How strange.