I'm just between the Costco and the Barnes and Noble

Back before the days of iPods and the like, I used to listen to music from my cable box. They had dozens of channels in different genres but my favorite was "Coffeehouse Rock." It was a mellow mix of modern folkies and softer alternative tunes. I bought many an album (like Sarah Harmer) based on the songs Coffeehouse Rock threw my way.

In early 2001, one of my favorite Coffehouse Rock songs was "Fred Meyer" by Glen Phillips. It's a light, bouncy tune about a post-apocalyptic future. Big fun. Then Shawn told me all about the legendary Fred Meyer stores themselves. They were the first of the supercenters (like Meijer for those of you from Michigan) and the song sounded even more awesome.

I finally bought the CD that "Fred Meyer" was on. It's actually called Abulum and it's Phillip's first solo album after Toad the Wet Sprocket. I always had it pegged as mix CD fodder. Just a couple of good songs that could be plucked off for mixes to let the rest of the thing collect dust. But listening to it again tonight made me think that perhaps I gave it short shrift. It's a quiet album that can be a little too self-obsessed at times, but I probably shouldn't let it collect dust. It has some beautiful moments and a little bit of everything. Just like Fred Meyer.

Jeff, tomorrow's your big day.

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Shawn said...

I really miss Fred Meyer...

I heard that song a while ago and it was like a trip down memory lane. Bopping to that, driving down to Roseville...ah, the memories.