I can't be made to give up now

Kelly's crazy Phil Collins love got me thinking about another video where you can actually hear the artist singing in real life as song is playing on the video. Of course, for me, Elvis Costello springs to mind. "I Wanna Be Loved" was released in 1984, the same year as "Easy Lover." Maybe it was an '80s thing.

I love this video because it is the very embodiment of Sad & British. I will cheer you up Elvis!


Kelly said...

It looks like you might TRY to cheer him up, but he'd just turn color for a second and then go back to black-and-white.

Or maybe not! There was that one part where the guy in the striped shirt kissed him, and then that old guy did, and the color didn't fade away for a few more seconds! Maybe when YOU kiss him, he will become totally colorfast.

Like, remember that Collective Soul video where the colors are all washed out and the guy is about to jump off the building, and then the pigeon lands on his arm, and then everything goes to color and the guy is all happy and he's feeding the pigeon his bagel? You could be Elvis Costello's pigeon, Eileen!

Eileen said...

On my Elvis Costello video DVD (yes, I have one) EC said the director wouldn't let him see who was kissing him ahead of time. He just sent people into the booth. If only I had been there...