While Nat King Cole sings "Welcome To My World", you request some song you hate you sentimental fool

The Onion AV Club wrote a great little story about my favorite Elvis Costello album, King Of America. Check it out here.

If you don't want to read it all, here's my favorite quote:

"Costello spent the early years of his career trying to prove what a vengeful shit he could be, but by 1986 he seemed comfortable admitting that he's just a bitter romantic."

That pretty much sums it up.


Josh said...

I thought Trust was your favorite Elvis album. I think you change it all the time.

Women. [sigh] Mercurial, inconstant, they are like the sea—peaceful one moment, spilling over with fury the next.

Eileen said...

Silly, Trust is my favorite Elvis Costello and The Attractions album. King Of America is my favorite EC solo album.

Boys just don't pay attention very well. That's why they think girls are crazy.