Josh's Song

Here's the email I got from Josh, co-winner of the "F" contest:

Dear Eileen,

This is totally exciting. Thank you so much. You may excerpt from this
email for blogging purposes, if you wish to do so.

The song I want is "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" by Moby.
(Actually, it's by Mission of Burma, but I want the Moby version.)

I am a little embarrassed to be asking for a Moby song, but it would be
better than paying for a Moby song.

Please make sure you get the uncensored version. I am not sure if
there's a censored version, but MTV censored the video version so that
it was "That's When I Realize It's Over." I remember Moby talked about
it on the MTV News.

Let me know if you have any questions. I don't know if the song's also
on eMusic, but if it is, I wouldn't be upset if you got it from there
instead of iTunes.


What lovely grammar that boy has! As it turns out, I actually have this song. I got it from some magazine's sampler CD, but I was a good music fan and bought the song for Josh from iTunes. After all, I wouldn't want to steal food from Moby's mouth. He looks like he could use it.


Kelly said...

I think it's pretty cute that Josh is embarrassed about wanting a Moby song, seeing as how I got a Wham! song.

P.S. You need to have another contest soon. See my blog for details.

Josh said...

Well, I considered that, Kell. And then I did my "Who Would I Rather Be Seen in a Bar With?" test.

Imagine a bunch of people walk into the bar and see me sitting with George Michael. Immediately, everyone is going to be like, "That is awesome."

Imagine they walk in and see me with Andrew Ridgeley. No one will recognize him, but then they'd come over and everyone would introduce themselves, and, unless Andrew's a complete asshole, we would all have a pretty good time and after he was gone, everyone would be like, "He was a pretty cool guy."

Now imagine they walk in an see me with Moby. I have close, close friends who would just give me the wave of "oh, I kind of know you, sir" and keep walking to another table. And even if we all did sit down, eventually someone would have enough drinks that one of us would make a joke about veganism or shitty techno music, and it would probably be me. And Moby would hit on some girl and probably get turned down, and then he would want us to go have tea at his tea place. We would try to make our excuses, but he would keep bringing it up until it got uncomfortable, and finally some of us would feel bad and go have tea, and he would start crying and sharing his feelings. God, it would be terrible.

So I do think your song is less embarrassing than mine. I think it's irrefutable. But the song I picked still is a pretty good one. And yes, Eileen should have another contest.

Eileen said...

When I'm in New York, can we go to Moby's tea house and pick on him? Please?