The next grilleration

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've watched approximately one billion football games this weekend, few of which have gone the way I wanted them to. I must be some kind of bad luck charm. That, or I pick teams that suck.

When I haven't been watching football, I've been playing with my new Christmas present - a George Foreman grill. I've known people who are long-time Foreman grill fans but I always avoided they hype. This new one comes with different plates so you can make waffles and even (so they claim) muffins. So far I've made a grilled cheese sandwich at lightning speed and cooked some bacon without all the usual mess. I have to admit, I'm enchanted. Now, whenever I cook something, I try to figure out if I can do it on my grill. It's becoming a strange obsession.

I will leave my apartment sometime this year (it hasn't happened yet) but until then, I have George to keep me entertained.


Chris said...

cool stuff.
Happy New Year, Eileen

Shawn said...

You're a grillerator now for sure.

Did you watch the amazing Boise State game? It was frickin' awesome.

Melissa said...

Your grill is so cute. Can you take out the metal plates and use it as a purse?

I think they may have over complicated a good thing, but you let me know if the waffles are any good.

Happy New Year!

Eileen said...

That Boise State game was AMAZING! I was starting to hit my football limit last night but I'm glad I stuck with that one.

Kelly said...

Dude. I LOVED my Foreman-ator in college. I bought these ridiculous little boneless pork chops and steaks and grilled 'em up. Now, I don't actually know where it is. It's probably in my kitchen somewhere; I just have no idea where. (My kitchen is kind of big.)

The way people have been talking today, I feel like 100 years from now I'll be lying on my deathbed, and my one regret will be that I missed the Boise State game.

Summer said...

The only problem with the grill is it makes you completely impatient to cook the normal way. Grilled chicken takes longer than 7 minutes? NO WAY!

Mine is somewhere in the basement due to lack of counter space and a big fancy grill outside that M promised to use regardless of the weather (we'll see) but I miss it a little bit, if only for the paninis and grilled chicken.