You got a voice like the last day of catholic school

I was never much of a Replacements fan. I'm still not. I like a couple songs and, unfortunately, I think it was mostly their low production values that kept me from liking them more. They just don't sound good. Do you know what I mean?

Ahh, but in later years and thanks to fancier recording studios, I became a Paul Westerberg fan. Maybe it's the Minnesotan in him, but he's got a nice sorrow to his stuff. Even the rockers suggest disappointment and cloudy days to come. I might have bestow an honorary Sad & British title upon him.

For the last few days I've been listening to Eventually, his 1996 album, and the first one I bought. I got to see him at The Blue Note in Missouri when I was in college and I think I was a bit smitten. He was just the right amount of grumpy. To me it just seemed like indie rock. Remember, Grunge was just ending at the time, so I had a high tolerance for sadness and anger.

If I remember correctly, "Love Untold" was a minor hit from this album. I know I saw the video on MTV a few times. It's a sweet little song about first dates and the expectations that go along with them. Don't worry, though, it has a sad ending. Mr. Westerberg wouldn't want to get too cheerful on us.


The Evacuee said...

I always felt I should be a Replacements fan but couldn't really get into their music, either. Paul Westerberg had some good tunes, though, with "Let the Bad Times Roll" and the tracks from "14 Songs" which were on the Singles soundtrack.

Summer said...

Matt makes fun of me for loving Westerberg and not the Replacements. My favorite song on that album is "Things". It's sweet, but in a really sick sort of way. Seems about right. Remember, he also had some other great songs on the Singles soundtrack, like Dyslexic Heart and Waiting for Somebody.

Summer said...

correction... Things is on 14 Songs, not Eventually. See, the ipod messes with the concept of albums!