Many girls want to be carnal with me because I'm such a premium dancer

A couple months ago, I caught the movie Everything Is Illuminated on the TV. I've never read the book because I have decided that Jonathan Safran Foer is pretentious and insufferable. Having never read anything by him, I don't know why I've come to this conclusion. I think it's because he wrote this novel when he was like 16 and nobody should be a successful novelist at that age. Nobody!

(Okay, he's really the same age as me which made him 25 when he wrote Everything Is Illuminated, but seeing someone your own age being so successful makes it even worse. I hope he enjoys turning 30 this year.)

Anyway, I set aside my irrational Jonathan Safran Foer rage long enough to watch the movie and I really kind of liked it. It wasn't the best thing ever but I do kind of like Elijah Wood and it had it's funny moments. What stuck with me the most, though, was the soundtrack. It was full of mournful Ukrainian tunes and crazy Russian folk rock. I added it to my want list on Lala and a couple weeks later it was at my door.

So now I'm listening to it and I've decided I still enjoy mournful Ukrainian tunes (Sad & Ukrainian?) and crazy Russian folk rock. I don't think it's something I'd bust out everyday, but it's kind of fun to work to. Tubas and violins have a nice way of setting the pace.



I got an idea for a new contest the other day so here, dear reader, is another chance for you to win a free song on iTunes. I have one more letter "E" album then it's on to "F." According to my rough count I have 23 full albums beginning with the letter F on Declan that I will be listening to.

In order to win your free song, you need to send me a list of three albums beginning with the letter F that you suspect I will be reviewing. If at least two of those three albums are actually on my list, you win!

So to be clear, the album has to be good enough that I've kept it in its entirety on my iPod. With your entry, you should also send me the name of the free iTunes song you would like so I can send it to you if you win. All entries should be emailed to sadandbritish@gmail.com. Now start guessing!


Summer said...

"Start wearing purple for me NOW..."

I loved that movie. I hated the book. Well, almost hated it. I kept reading it because it was funny but it really bothered me. The movie, well, it just rocks! It sort of draws you in even if you don't want it to.

The Evacuee said...

You are right that Foer is insufferably pretentious or, perhaps, pretentiously insufferable.

Fables of the Reconstruction by R.E.M.?
Faithless Street by Whiskeytown?
Fear of Music, by Talking Heads?
Feminist Sweepstakes, by Le Tigre?