And some people think it's weird that Tippy has an email address

Stripey Francoise has his very own blog! Tippy considered doing one, but he's really not that into writing. It hurts his paws.


Stripey Francoise said...

Excusez-moi, but I am a lady.

I am sure that your cat Tippy would have told you that, if you had asked him, as it is quite evident from my photograph. Most people do not check things with their cats often enough, and that is why there are so many problems.

He is very handsome.

Shawn said...

Alas...poor Tippy has the gift of great oration, but lacks the ability to write well.

Josh said...

Fucking Christ. The cat has started a blog. I guess I should have seen this coming when she asked for FTP access, but it would have been nice if she'd let me know.

Stripey Francoise said...

I prefer to communicate with you via established channels—mostly meowing loudly outside your door.

Also, I know you are living with that slut now. Impostor!

Also, I find your blog devoid of substance, and I do not visit it. Everyone else's blog is much better.

Tippy said...

Stripey, do you know much html? I'm looking for some pointers.

Also, I'm glad you think I'm handsome. You are lovely as well (I can't believe Eileen said you were a guy, she really needs to run these things by me). However, your compliment makes me feel conflicted. I'm not sure I'm a cat's cat as it were. And I'm pretty sure that I'm not a lady cat's cat. I'm a dandy!

Stripey Francoise said...

Yes, yes, you certainly are dandy. No need to fish for more compliments.

Josh said...
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Josh said...

Tippy, Stripey doesn't understand what you're talking about—she's spayed.

(And she's not as pretty as our new cat.)

Thursday said...

Stripey, you bitch.

(Note to humans and other non-feline readers: "Bitch" is an even greater insult among cats than humans, because of the canine implications.)

I thought we were going to do Blog for Cats together! I made a Blogger account and everything! (Granted; I haven't gotten around to adding any interests yet, mostly because Kelly won't let me jump on her keyboard.) But still.

You are dead to me, you French hellcat.

Stripey Francoise said...

I am a little confused about your comment, because I am a cat, and my brain is the size of a walnut. I would still like to do Blog For Cats. We can all contribute together, and let other cats contribute too. But not dogs.

But I think we must all have pictures with our Blogger accounts, to prove that we are cats. Otherwise, people will be suspicious.

I am not upset that you have called me a TERRIBLE NAME, because you are very little. It is the prerogative of the older and wiser to let these things pass.