D.C. is full of bull

One day I came into work to find a boxing cow sitting on my desk. You know those boxing nun puppets? It was just like that except a cow. I loved it instantly.

There's a mystery surrounding the boxing cow, though. I don't know where it came from. I asked all the usual suspects but they denied any knowledge as to its origins. So I guess that also makes it a magical boxing cow.

When my friend Melvin got a job at the Washington Post, I felt it was time for the cow to move on. Melvin always loved the cow even more than I did. I gave it to him as a going away gift with the stipulation that he take the cow to work. I liked the idea that the Post would have a boxing cow in its newsroom.

So now I bring you photographic proof. I know it's a small photo (damn camera phones) but there is the cow at the Washington Post. Now, my life is complete!


Melissa said...

I'm sure those folks in D.C need to have a sense of humor. I hope the bovine doesn't steer Melvin's career in the wrong direction...Ha Ha

Melvin said...

The boxing cow is a big hit int he newsroom. Several employees expressed great love for the BS punching bovine. We need to start a club.

Josh said...

I hear he's got a mean left hoof.