The picture I promised

Here's the photo of Jeff, Kelly and Carrie at King's Island that I told you about the other day. It's toward the end of day of adventure and they look young and perfect. What else can I say?


Trevor Record said...

My friend Blake used to go out with a girl who looks just like the one of the right (Carrie?)

It's actually sort of eerie!

Dixie said...

How nice, Eileen! You know, I'm sure if you talk to them, your editors at the Enquirer will let you take pictures sometimes! You'll be fine!

Make sure to visit my homepage!

Eileen said...

Wow! way to dig up the old bitterness, Josh (I'm guessing it was you). Nice homepage as well, I can tell you're getting a lot of work done.

Eileen said...

Trevor, I'll be sure to tell Carrie she has a Canadian doppelganger. It's best she be informed of such a phenomenon before she accidentally runs into her.

Josh said...

The even weirder part is that the girl Trevor knows is also named Carrie, and also works for the Enquirer.

"Jerry! I haven't seen you in forever! You look so different! You used to be short, but you've grown a few inches! You used to be bald, but now you have hair! And you used to have that mole on your face, but now you don't!"

"My name's not Jerry."

"And you've changed your name too!"

I don't know about the Dixie thing, but she's right: You should think about taking pictures professionally. And her homepage is GREAT!

The Ears on The Walls of The Union said...

"Um...I made a photo of a roller coaster too you know."

"Yeah, but I already put Eileen's photo on the page..."

"Well...ah...I scanned mine anyway... *muttering I don't know why I bothered to make a photo if you're not going to use it..."