Do they have an AARC?

So Tippy is now officially old. He was out of cat food yesterday so I went to the store and purchased some Science Diet Senior formula for him. That's right, senior. It's made for cats seven and older and according to my calculations, he turned seven a few months ago. I wouldn't have put him on senior right away like this except the lite food he's on hasn't made him slim and trim. I thought I'd see what the senior stuff would do.

Tippy and I are now planning to drive across the country in an RV. We'll stop at Luby's for dinner every evening no later than 4:30 and we'll be sure to ask if there's a senior discount wherever we go. We'll complain a lot about "kids these days" too. Hey, if Trevor can be old, so can I. At least I have a senior cat to take care of.


Shawn said...

Can you drive really slow and ram your shopping cart into my heel in the checkout aisle? That would round out the picture...

By the way, I couldn't even comment on the Nick Hornby pic. I was so shocked that I just stayed in bed, curled up in a fetal ball, and moaned, "No...no...it can't be..." all day. Now, I'm over it and think it's totally sweet that he looks like a dork.

P.S.-- Tippy would look cool sporting bifocals. If anyone can pull it of it's Tippy.

Melissa said...

Isn't the nature of being a cat that you are already "retired"? Is he quitting his job of string chasing and window watching?

Wouldn't tippy require more style than an RV? If people hate SUV's now, just imagine what it will be like in 10 years when ALL the boomers are on the road in their gigantic RVs.

This reminds me of a crazy folk song, entitled "Born A Little Late (The Baby Boomer Song)" by Susan Werner. I am sure it is not widely available. I found it on a two disk album called "Christine Lavin Presents: Follow That Road, Highlights of the Second Annual Martha's Vineyard Singer/Songwriters' Retreat held at The Winterride Coffeehouse"...Hmm...not sure I punctuated that correctly.

Maybe if I geek out enough I could post the song on my blog...It might take some time...but it IS HILARIOUS!

Shawn said...

I can see Tippy at the wheel of an RV... but it would have to be a totally pimped out one.

Trevor Record said...

Oh man, everyone has been leaving me shout-outs. I feel so loved. I should return the favour.

j.i.b.l.e. said...

You can't eat at Luby's! You have to go to the Country Kitchen Buffet!

Josh said...


I made a blog.

I started one of these journal Web sites, too, after I cleaned up and grabbed some new undies.