The Chumbawumba Factor

There's an interesting story on Pitchfork Media about a company that analyzes all the file sharing and illegal downloading people do to help record companies figure out what people want. I guess when record sales first started to decline around 2001 the companies were freaked out. They didn't realize what we all know now. You can't make us buy a whole album for one song anymore. Especially if that one song sounds like nothing else on the album (like Chumbawumba). Sugar Ray, Smashmouth and Blind Melon also spring to mind.

The other question the article raises is if record companies are hiring people to do marketing based on information from illegal downloads, should they also be suing the downloaders? I guess it's a case of if you can't be them, join them, but it seems a little unfair. I mean, at least pick one side and stick to it.

Favorite Song of the Week:
"I'm Sorry I Love You" by The Magnetic Fields - I finally got all three volumes of 69 Love Songs from the library and this is one of the 69 that really got stuck in my head. The line "Well, I'm sorry that I love you, it's a phase I'm going through" is just about perfect.


Josh said...

Eileen, this is America! Our country was founded on the right to have your cake and eat it too!

That whole album is just about perfect. Have you heard "I Think I Need a New Heart" yet?

Trevor Record said...

That was actually a pretty interesting article. I was surprised to see that people who were sharing weren't too much higher than sales. At least, the downloads they cited for arcade fire.

Xrayeagle said...

I used to download music, but since I got the Ipod I think Itunes prices are pretty fair - 10 bucks for a CD.

The only band I still download is Metallica. Not because I like them - but just because I hope I am pissing them off.