Mr. September

I was poking around the internet today when I discovered the greatest thing ever. My new favorite band, The National, will be playing at the Southgate House next month! They're playing on a Wednesday night so I was forced to make a tough decision. Was this one of those bands who I want to see so badly that it's worth taking a day off work for? When you work a night shift, these are the kind of difficult questions you must ask yourself.

The answer is yes! It doesn't hurt that I'm already off for the MidPoint Music Festival the next day. My three day weekend of music can easily turn into a four day one. I can't believe how excited I am about a little concert in the middle of the week. These are the kinds of things that make my insignificant life worth living.

Speaking of the MidPoint Music Festival, they sent out an email the other day saying they still need volunteers. This is a super fun thing to do and you get all kinds of free stuff. I'm not going to tell you again, people, go to www.mpmf.com and sign up!


Josh said...

Man. I could use a four-day vacation.

I thought mpmf.com was a bondage site at first. You know, 'cause it's like the sound a frightened coed makes when she's gagged in a tiny cage in your basement. We've all heard that, right? MPMF!

I do wish I were going to a concert on Wednesday. You'll have fun.

Shawn said...

I sort of wish everyone was going to a cncert on Wednesday. I'm pretty sute if we don't all go to a concert, the terrorists will win.

Shawn said...

By the way, terrorists winning is bad. We hate the mean terrorists.