Not quite a dynasty

Shawn demands, so it must be answered. The world is on tenterhooks awaiting the news of our scavenger hunt exploits.

We started a little after one this afternoon with a list of more than 100 items to photograph or find. Some were easy, like a receipt from Skyline Chili while others we never found (who still has a beta videotape?). Perhaps our greatest feat was getting to King's Island in time to be photographed in front of their big clock at exactly 2:22. We didn't leave Jeff's house near downtown until after 1:40 and we still made it with more than ten minutes to spare. People from Cincinnati will understand what a tremendous feat this is.

This hunt required us to just find a lot of stuff. We tend to enjoy hunts that require some research or local knowledge because that's where we kick ass. Carrie was our Google Master for the day and we called her constantly to help us out. It turns out, though, that she actually owns a nose hair trimmer. We never even thought to ask her about that one!

We had to be back at the finish line at 8 p.m. with all our stuff then we had a beer as we waited for the results to be tabulated. The second place team (not us) was given some lovely duffel bags and the first place team (also not us) got a gigantic trophy. Leigh was a little sad after that, she wanted a big ass trophy.

We were set to drink our sorrows away when they came back onstage a few minutes later and asked if our team was still around. It turns out we came in third and they had scrounged up some gift certificates for us. So what was our big reward? A free haircut for each of us at a fancy new salon for men. That's right, we all got free men's haircuts (which only cost $30 at this fancy place which is a lot for guys but cheap for girls...but that's another post). I passed on my certificate to Jeff so he could get two free haircuts but kept the gift certificate for a free appetizer at TGIFriday's that they also gave us. Free nachos for me!

We had a great time, though, and I think they're going to make this an annual event. I think we've proven that we are always contenders in the scavenger hunt arena and we should never be discounted - because we'll be back!


Shawn said...

I actually have a Beta...it's got the opening ceremony of some Olympic games on it (I think it's LA). Can't watch it and can't throw it away...my own personal albatross.

You should have called, it might have been the difference between a haircut and sweet duffle bag. If only you had called (oh, and if I could also move at the speed of light to deliver it to you...and I thought that going 'reary, reary fast' was a lame superpower).

Kelly said...

Hey, Eileen - what was the last photo? Did you have to find someone who was getting married, or possibly going to the prom?

Wish I could have gone. But hey, upside: I won a gift set of bath products for coming in second in one of the baby shower games. It's the one where you have to identify baby-related products by touch. Flippin' NO ONE was able to get the Vaseline. But me - I know my Vaseline.

Eileen said...

That's Jeff with a bride and groom. It was one of the items for the hunt. such couples are usually in abundance on Fountain Square on a Saturday and that's where we found ours. they seemed truly thrilled to be part of our scavenger hunt.

Spectator1 said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Trevor Record said...

Wait, girls pay more for their haircuts? Hmm, I guess it sort of makes sense, but I had no idea!