Who's the king now, huh?

I've been very lazy today and I'm not about to start being energetic now. Let's just say that King's Island rocked and after spending 12 hours there, we feel like we rocked it even harder. We rode all the cool coasters and managed to sneak in a few extra things as well.

My favorite ride had to be SpongeBob SquarePants in 3D. You go into this theater and buckle yourself into the seat. They give you 3D glasses and then you follow SpongeBob around as he looks for the pickle slice he lost. This is a plot I can really get into. As he rides his bike, your seat bounces and swerves along with him. The 3D part was really fun, too. We kept ducking to avoid things that weren't really there. It was great fun and more than I expected from a ride geared toward kids. The only problem I had with it is the unfortunate absence of Gary. I would have loved to see him in 3D.

I have a really nice photo of us waiting to ride Son of Beast that I'll post later (actually I'm not in it, because I took it). I know you're all dying to see that. For now I need to get back to discovering the mysterious bruises that pop up all over your body from a day of riding roller coasters.


Shawn said...

Sounds awesome...way more fun than me.

Josh said...

Gary! We're finally HUGE!

Melissa said...

I LOVE spongebob! So much so that my recently ex-boyfriend decided to endure the torture of Bridget Jones two after just 10 minutes of Spongebob the movie. It didn't keep me from singing "I'm ready promotion" for the next few weeks though.

I still haven't seen the rest of the movie. Maybe that will be my next rental after I finish watching all of Alias season 3.

Josh said...

Dude, the movie is so good. It's the only thing I've rented twice in the past year. Actually, I think it's the only movie I've seen twice in the past year.

t said...

eileen, the Spongebob ride sounds like a refreshing change from roller coasters. Seems like amusement parks these days are either coasters or rides for pre-schoolers with nothing in between.