Hey, I'm on the Interweb!

Someday, someone will read this and that will be a thrill. If that person happens to be you, well congratulations. This is my very first posting on my very first blog. You should feel honored.

So I've got a plan for my iPod. You see it's got a quote from an Elvis Costello song on the back:

"Well I'm the lucky goon
who composed this tune"

It's from "Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4" on 1991's Mighty Like a Rose. Anyway, Elvis himself will be in Cincinnati in May and I'm thinking I want to get his autograph on the back of my iPod. There are two issues, though. First, what kind of marker can I use that won't get rubbed off the shiny metal on the back of an iPod? Second, how do I actually find Mr. Costello so he can sign it? Hopefully both of these questions will be answered before May 5 when he comes to town. If anyone has any suggestions about what kind of marker to use please help me out!

Favorite Song of the Week:
Molly's Chambers by The Kings of Leon - That new VW Jetta commercial is really getting to me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Interweb. It's a fun place. Hee!

I need to get myself a blog so I can be like all you cool kids.

Was thinking about this iPod-Sharpie thing, that surely someone has done this before, and that would make it a case for Google. Hmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should stalk Elvis for you... he comes here to Milwaukee first.

I will follow him to his hotel and bribe a room service guy to deliver him a note which will tell him to look for you in the 'Nati. He will be drawn in by the intrique... This could work.

Just don't screw it up with a dry-erase marker... trust me on this... That's probably what happened to Natalie Portman's phone number...



Shawn said...

I hope you appreciate that I signed up for one of these newfangled blog things just so I could post on your bloggy blog and not be anonymous...

You can't say that I don't love you...

Have you listened to the U2 bootle... oops... I mean legitimately-acquired-MP3 files yet?