Speed of Sound

I bought the new Coldplay single called "Speed of Sound" from iTunes the other day. It's nice but I'm not sure I'm loving it. It sounds like classic Coldplay but maybe that's the problem. I really think it's time for them to branch out a little. If they learn anything from Everclear, they should know that putting out the same album only works about three times.

I read an article about how EMI is basing all its profit projections for the next quarter solely on the predicted popularity of the new Coldplay album. Now that's some pressure. Chris Martin and his mates are anal enough without putting the future of your label on their shoulders, too. Maybe that's why they sound reluctant to change direction.

Or maybe Gwyneth is just ruining them.

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Shawn said...

Abd don't talk about Everclear like that.

Everyone knows they had two albums... One that they released four hundred times and the other one that was their masterpiece...