I liked them when they were called Coldplay

Have you heard this band, Blue Merle? I heard them on WNKU this afternoon and I thought, "Hey is this some other new Coldplay song that I haven't heard?" I mean they sound EXACTLY like Coldplay. Well, Coldplay with acoustic guitars.

The lead singer has all the Chris Martin warbles and angst down cold. Go to their website and listen to a song then wonder to yourself if Coldplay should sue them. That's what I've been doing all day.

The sad part is, I liked the new Blue Merle song better than the new Coldplay song. If only they were the same band!

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Shawn said...

Why can't all bands let you download some of their tunes like Blue Merle does?

I went and checked out their site and now I'm being driven crazy as to where I've heard them before... lord knows it's not from any air time in the black hole of radio mediocrity that is Wisconsin...