I'm #12, I'm #12!

I was looking through BlogPatrol (the web site that tracks my hits) tonight and I noticed they had a Top 100 list of sites. When I added my site, I shot up to #8 on that list. That's crazy! Out of 17,479 pages, only 7 other people have more than 437 hits? It wasn't long before I dropped to #12 but that still kind of rules. With the added support of my loyal readers, I hope to make it solidly to #11 one day.

I bought some markers over the weekend to start my iPod autograph worthiness testing. Despite Carrie's suggestion, there is a sad lack of information on Google about the best method for getting your iPod signed. I think I might be breaking new ground here.

I have an incense burner that seems to be made out of the same shiny metal as the back of the iPod so it made the perfect test site. Both the white paint marker and the industrial Sharpie, however, were not impervious to some minor scratching. I guess if you scratch anything deep enough it's going to come off. Both held up well to rubbing but I have my doubts about the paint marker. It just doesn't seem to have the permanence the Sharpie does, but the white paint looks cooler with the white iPod. Testing will continue through the week but right now it looks like I'll probably go with the industrial Sharpie.

Favorite Song of the Week:
"Where Does the Good Go?" by Tegan and Sara. I really should buy a whole album by these girls because I love every song I hear by them. This little ditty was featured on Grey's Anatomy and I immediately got it from iTunes. I've been digging it ever since.

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Carrie said...

Nothing on Google, huh?

Sometimes the Internet is still disappointingly small. Silly Internet.