I heard a POP!

That's the sound you hear when you fall out of MTV's demographic. It happens almost instantaneously. One day you're 24, you think Punk'd is the funniest thing on earth and you can't get enough of The Real World.

Then when you wake up on the morning of your 25th birthday, you hear a POP! Suddenly you realize everyone on The Real World just needs to get a real job. And you start to wish MTV would just play videos like they used to.

This is why I'm reduced to watching music videos on the internet.

I watch more videos on iTunes than anywhere else. I keep hearing that the new Weezer video is great, but iTunes doesn't have it, so I haven't seen it yet. Hell if I'm gonna wade through episode after episode of Boiling Point on the off chance they might throw in some music.

God, I sound old.

I will admit to watching True Life and Pimp My Ride on MTV. It's those little moments that let me pretend that I'm still in their desired demographic. Then, the commercials come on and I've never seen ANY of them before. They are not meant for me. They are meant for younger, hipper people with different concerns and wants.

Then I feel old again.

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