Jukebox Oasis

I am of two opinions about jukeboxes. A lot of places are adding those new digital jukeboxes where you can pick from a seemingly infinite number of songs (some for a little extra money) and get your song played immediately (also for a little extra money). While it is sometimes fun to subject folks to an obscure song that they would nomally never hear, I think these new jukeboxes really aren't in the spirit of jukeboxness. A good jukebox sets the mood for the bar. It also helps to give you an idea about what you're getting into. A good jukebox is something to be loved and appreciated, not thrown out as part of the "digital music revolution."

In Cincinnati you often hear that The Comet has the city's best jukebox. And while it has an interesting offering of albums that usually never see a jukebox, I find it a bit twee and pretentious. It's too full of obscure rock meant merely to assure the listener that, indeed, they are cool.

My vote for the city's best jukebox goes to the Crazy Fox in Newport. It is a democratic machine. While it's heavy on the indie rock (Libertines, Scissor Sisters, The Shins, etc.) it's not too proud to sport a little Metallica or Neil Diamond. This is a jukebox everyone can enjoy.

Second place would have to go to the Northside Tavern. Theirs is a fairly hip jukebox, but not nearly as eclectic.


I was online today and took the opportunity to watch the new video from Oasis. I just hate to give up on them. I think it was Josh's friend John who said the last Oasis album sounded like something from a really good Oasis tribute band and, sadly, I had to agree. Those guys keep me hoping, though. With every album they put out one killer single and renew my belief that they will rock again. I am always left brokenhearted when the rest of the album turns out to be crap. Well, it's not gonna happen again.

This time, Oasis has been nice enough to announce that their album is crap and not bother to fool me with a catchy single. Their new song, "Lyla" plods along for four boring minutes. The whole thing feels like they're trying to tap into that new, new wave sound but they just can't figure it out. It's like Franz Ferdinand on roofies. So I'd really just like to take this opportunity to thank Oasis for putting out a crappy single. You've just saved me $15.

If you decide to check out the Oasis video for yourself, take the time to also watch the video for "First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes. It's a cute little clip of couples listening to the song and smiling at each other. While it gives me renewed faith in humanity, I would avoid it if I had recently broken up with someone. It might push you over the edge.


Shawn said...

You said "Twee."

Hee Hee... I secretly love that word. You're gonna be a cool grandma someday!

Josh said...

Actually, I think I read that Oasis thing in Spin or Rolling Stone. And it's Jon without an h. That guy is sensitive.