Go Bucknell!

Man, oh man, only ten minutes until the start of the NCAA tournament! It's like Christmas morning, except with sports.


Shawn said...

It is the beginning of a wondrous time! I topped off the excitement with the quiet diversion of women's tennis. About the only thing that can tear me away from Arizona cheerleaders is a match between Maria Sharapova and Martina Hingis. I have not yet stooped to watching the women's NCAA tourney yet though.

P.S. - I need some music suggestions. Know anyone who listens to a lot of music?

Melissa said...

Hope the big University of Montana upset did not mess up your brackets. I need some coaching on March Madness, it is all anyone is talking about. Hence my knowledge of the UM upset.

Eileen said...

Montana did not screw me up since they lost today. Now George Washington and Indiana are another story. I did predict Witchita State's and Bradley's big wins, though.

Go me!

More music tomorrow, Shawn. I don't have anything to reccomend right now, but I will mention some stuff I've been listening to lately.