I've got a funny feeling, which I bought mail order

My friend Jeff has been waiting a long time for me to get to Blur by Blur in my long list of albums. He's a Britpop fan after my own heart and we had a wonderful discussion today in which he made a cogent argument for Blur being the true bearers of The Beatles' flame, despite Oasis' best efforts. I could not disagree. We talked about all our favorite Blur songs (like "Charmless Man" and "Out of Time") and wondered where all the time had actually gone.

Well, it's been almost exactly nine years since Blur hit the shelves. It was released March 11, 1997 according to Mr. Amazon. I'm not sure when I bought it, but I do remember wanting to hear "Song 2" even more often than it was played on the radio. That seems impossible these days because that song was on about every 10 seconds.

"On Your Own" made it onto a mix CD of mine, and even now I think it's the last great song on the album. The first five tunes are just great and then everything seems to fall apart from there. I admire the fact the Blur was trying different things, I just don't need to hear all of them.

Blur probably gets overlooked in discussions of great music of the 90's, but they really shouldn't. The didn't have huge album and their most popular singles of the era ("Song 2" and "Girls & Boys") were pretty vacuous. I can always hope, though, that they'll be remembered for some great songs on great albums that nobody in America really bought.


Melissa said...

Major points for vocab. had to pull out the old Webster's and find "cogent". For all other readers it means, "convincingly to the point".

Fabulous. I can't wait to use it in a sentence.

Eileen said...

I would like to thank Dr. Couglas Collar for that fancy five dollar word. He also taught me "torpid" which means:

1 a : having lost motion or the power of exertion or feeling : DORMANT, NUMB b : sluggish in functioning or acting
2 : lacking in energy or vigor : APATHETIC, DULL

That's your vocabulary lesson for the day.