New links!

Hey, look to your right! If you have a keen eye, you'll see that I've rearranged my links a little and added some new ones. Let's go over what we've got here.

Under "Other Blogs" you'll find a link to Summer's new blog. Summer is my oldest friend (not in age, we all know you get that honor, Shawn) and I've known her since I was 12 or so. I can't really remember anymore. She lives in the DC area and has a boyfriend that's always getting stopped by the cops (or something like that). Check out her blog, she's lovely.

Also, in the interest of organization, the blogs by people I've actually met are listed alphabetically by name. It's just easier that way.

Another new addition to "Other Blogs" is Philiminated. Maggie and her friend Jamie are watching "The Amazing Race" this season and writing about it. It's the best reality show ever and you should be watching it then reading their blog. That's just the way the world works now, people.

Under "Music Blogs" I've added a link to Jon's myspace page. It's not entirely music and not completely a blog, but Jon does have some of his very own songs posted for just anybody to listen to. They're pretty catchy. Jon is Josh's roommate so if you go to Jon's page and then Josh's (abandoned?) blog, it's exactly like living with them in New York. Exactly.

Finally, a few weeks ago I added a link under the "links" header. If you click on "speaking of cute..." you'll land at Cute Overload, a site devoted to nothing but cute pictures of cute animals. It always makes me feel better. My male readers should be sure to check out the "cats in racks" section of their site, too.

So that's what's new. If you have another suggestion for a link, let me know. Otherwise, these should keep you entertained for the time being.


Summer said...

I think we met in 8th grade... in science class, maybe? I remember we had almost every class together that year.

Ran into Andy Bowline, another blast from that past class, on a listserv for the database software I work with... really an odd coincidence since so few people actually use it.

Eileen said...

Ah, Andy. Every time President Bush says "America" in that Texas way of his, I think of Andy. He was the first person I ever knew who pronounced it like that.