His mad cows are being put to sleep

What an excellent day! It was sunny and fairly warm. We won our flag football game and my face is even a little tanned from being out. It makes me feel young and perfect.

Today's album could be a good soundtrack for such a day. Really, as I was listening to it, I thought it would be perfect for playing on a sunny afternoon in a coffee shop. Brainwashed by George Harrison is full of mildly catchy tunes and a general warm fuzziness.

Brainwashed was actually released nearly a year after Harrison's November 2001 death. His son Dahni and Jeff Lynne finished up the album and it was widely lauded when it first came out. I think a lot of that just comes from its posthumous release. It's a nice album but I don't find it earth shattering. I haven't found any of Harrison's solo work earth shattering, though.

Well, I'm off to watch Duke vs. North Carolina. Hopefully my wonderful day will continue.

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