I thought I saw myself among the passersby

Josh told me a story awhile ago. He went to some bar to see some band (see how I remember it exactly) and the band invited some girl up to sing with them. It was terrible. I think it was more that their voices didn't go together and the two didn't know how to sing together than anything that had to do with the girl specifically. It turns out that girl was Amy Correia.

Who is Amy Correia you ask? Well, she's the artist on today's album, Carnival Love. I'd call her a modern folkie who sings songs about her childhood and places she's lived. It's not bad.

I think I picked up this album after checking it out at one of those listening stations. I remember it being deeply discounted, too, in one of those "new artists" sections. Overall, it's one of my better purchases based solely on a listening station (Sarah Harmer being #1). The first half of the album flies by. Things drag a little at the end but with half a dozen good tunes, I've got no complaints. I'll give her a pass on that whole singing with the band in the bar thing.

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