Listen to my heart break every time she runs away

As I was looking up info on today's album, I learned that the title is probably wrong. I should be listening to this when I get to "G" for Greatest Radio Hits, but for some reason, iTunes though it was better served to be called simply Bruce Hornsby. Who am I to argue with iTunes?

I got this album from the library right before I made my big Minnesota road trip. It was excellent driving music and reminded me of all my favorite Bruce Hornsby hits from the '80s. The album does have a fatal flaw, though. I can't stand it when greatest hits collections substitute live versions of songs for their originals. I big fine might appreciate a live version of "End of the Innocence" but why do they need a greatest hits collection anyway? I'm sure it's all marketing, but it drives me crazy!

Only one more album until I'm done with the "B" albums. See that wasn't so bad, was it?

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Michael Wilson said...

Hey, you helped solve a late night conundrum. I had this song stuck in my head and decided to start searching for it. Problem is I always thought it went "Listen to the rhythm of the rain" not "Listen to the mandolin rain. Fortunately I remembered "listen to my heart break" which lead me here. Now 30 minutes later and numerous live performances via youtube I'm satisfied. Off to bed. Thanks!