I think I've heard enough of your familiar song

O.k., more on Oasis. Jeff and I had super nosebleed seats at the Taft Theatre, but the show was sold out so we should be grateful. We only caught a little of the opener, The Redwalls. They sounded British, but that's about all I can tell you about them.

So before the show started, I started thinking about my long and bumpy love affair with Oasis. They are probably destined to be my nostalgia band. They made the albums I lived to in high school and college and now I was about to see them in concert for the first time. I'd spent years defending them to my friends and the public at large. Sure, they're derivative but that doesn't mean they can't make good music. Sure they're jerks who fight all the time, but (see above).

I was also a little worried that time might have mellowed them. Maybe a little disappointment had humbled them. They once played to 250,000 at Knebworth and now they're at the Taft? That might take me down a notch.

Not to worry, though. They were just as I'd expected (or hoped?). Noel played the quiet, contrite and competent brother while Liam ranted and raved about some problem with the microphone. I didn't want them to play one song and then storm off stage but I didn't mind a hissy fit here and there. It was perfect!

I ran to the bathroom when Noel broke into "Mucky Fingers" off the new album. I stood in line and just as I reached the stall the band started up with "Wonderwall." It's not my favorite song but if you're going to an Oasis concert you really shouldn't miss it. I hurried to get back to my seat but the song was already half over. Just as I walked in, though, Liam stopped the song and insisted they start from the beginning. It had something to do with that mysterious microphone problem, but I like to think he did it for me.

They played for 90 minutes which isn't bad, but when you're used to U2 or Wilco or Elvis Costello, seems a little short. Jeff and I easily thought up another 30 minutes worth of songs they could have played. The new songs were really well received and there even seemed to be more confusion when they busted out stuff from Definitely Maybe. Jeff and I went nuts when they played "Cigarettes and Alcohol" but the girl next to me seemed to wonder how I knew the lyrics. I guess I'm just old.


Oh did I listen to an album today? Yes I did and it's called Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and it's by Paul McCartney. The problem is I wrote all about this album when I first listened to it back in October. I wanted to check it out again, to see if I felt differently but I don't. So read this and you'll know everything.

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