Another day that I can't find my head

O.k., who here DOES NOT own Come Away With Me by Norah Jones? That's what I thought. I'm pretty sure this album came with everyone's 2002 tax returns. I can't remember buying it but I can remember driving all over Nevada County whilst listening to it. I am particularly reminded of Dog Bar Road for some reason.

It's good and I still like it but these days it seems a little soft rock than I remember it sounding back then. In 2002 it was suitably cool enough that Norah Jones didn't seem like the new Kenny G. These days I think the jury may be out.

Finally, a little trivia. Norah Jones' father is noted musician Ravi Shankar. Who is Ravi Shankar? Well, he taught George Harrison how to play the sitar and he's widely regarded for his skills on the instrument. Norah doesn't like to talk about him, though, because she never really knew him. So if you see her in a bar, it might be best to avoid sitar discussions. Just a tip for all you boys out there.


Summer said...

That was the album I played for my dad in the car when he announced "It's nice to know you finally have some taste." I bought him a copy along with her 2nd one and my mom says "He won't turn it off! Everytime he's in the car it's Nora Nora Nora! And he plays it at home too! ENOUGH!" I thought I heard a new song of hers on the radio the other day. If she has a new album out, I guess I shouldn't give it to him for Father's Day. My mom may disown me.

Kelly said...

I do not own any Norah Jones albums.

However, I can get a perfect score on "Don't Know Why" in Karaoke Revolution.

Shawn said...

Weird...I didn't know that about her (the Ravi Shankar being her dad part that is.)

Not oddly...it's probably best to steer clear of sitar conversation with any girl you meet at the bar. For some reason, most girls don't seem to respond to it...not that I've tried...that many times...ummm, yeah...gotta go...