Headlong into the irresistible orbit

I originally bought Cure For Pain by Morphine back when it came out in 1993. I'd heard "Buena" on 120 Minutes and liked their whole sound. Morphine is probably another of those one song bands, though. When you only have three members and they play drums, saxophone and a two-stringed bass repsectively, your sonic options are pretty limited.

Anyway, I actually just re-acquired this album a couple weeks ago, thanks to lala.com. A few years ago I swapped my two Morphine albums with a coworker for two albums by The Clash and a copy of Girl With Curious Hair by David Foster Wallace. I'm not sure either of us thought the trade would be permanent but when that coworker got fired, it did. So Charles, I hope you're enjoying those Morphine albums.

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Shawn said...

So, basically, I scored you two Clash albums, huh? You're totally welcome. It's made you a much better person. The Clash is just that way.