Your smile, it comes back to me

I'm pleased to announce that Sad & British has a new toy. Over there on the right is a music player. When I am on top of my game, I will load some tracks from whatever album I'm writing about so you can experience it, too. It's called multimedia, people!

I set it up so you actually have to click on it to make it play, because there's nothing I hate more than web sites that just start blaring music at you. It makes it obvious when you're wasting time at work. Anyway, let me know if it's working for you because I'm actually having some trouble with it on the computer I'm using right now.

If it is working correctly, you'll be able to hear some songs from Cloud Nine by George Harrison. Originally released in 1987 it's filled with all the great 80s guitars and overproduction that we've learned to sneer at these days. It is, however, at least nine times better than any solo albums Paul McCartney made in the same era.

And why is it better? One song - "Got My Mind Set On You." You have to at least tap your toe when that song comes on and everybody remembers the video. As Josh's mom might say, it's "fun, fun, fun."


Josh said...

My mom is even better known for describing things as "neat, neat, neat."

"One" by U2 is a pretty inappropriate love song. I've known, like, three couples who said it was their song, and I'm always left thinking, "So are you constantly trying to mend your heart-wrenchingly irreconcilable differences, or have you just not listened to the fucking words?" I mean, I've known some couples who are constantly trying to medn their heart-wrenchingly irreconcilable differences, but their song is always, like, "God Only Knows" or something.

Elvis C's "I Want You" is pretty inappropriate, and I bet it's gone on some romantic mixes. Oh, and "Me and a Gun." I can't count how many girls have put that one on CDs for me. They're always like, crying, and saying, "You need to listen to this."

Eileen said...

I like to think that your mom says all short words in sets of threes.

Jeff also mentioned "One" as an inappropriate love song. Almost everything by Elvis Costello is inappropriate. I really love "Almost Blue" but I'm not sure it's something I want at my wedding.

Summer said...

Matt and I have been working on this assignment and thus far have come up with "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan, "I don't know why I love you (but I do)", "My Heart will go on" by Celine Dion (ok, anything by her, blech).

There's a big one we disagree on... he wants to play "To Love Sombody" by Jimmy Sommerville. I keep focusing on the line "You don't know what it's like to love somebody the way I love you" which to me says "I love you more than you can love me, you selfish bitch..." but he thinks it's romantic. Who is right here???

Kelly said...

Dave Matthews Band "love" songs (ahem, "Crash Into Me") are generally inappropriate.

When I was in college, a long-distance boyfriend e-mailed me an MP3 of "Say Goodbye." Either he was lacking in listening comprehension, or he was trying to tell me something.

Actually, either one is possible.