Time has gotten by on alibis and wine

The self released (and self-titled) album by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah spent a lot of time in my car this winter. It was on constant rotation and all the songs have burned holes in my brain. I haven't listened to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in a couple months, though, so it was nice to dig it out again today. Besides, they're playing at the Southgate House on Wednesday so the people of Cincinnati need to hear about this band.

Sadly, I have to work so I will not get to see them Wednesday. I saw them last October and knew only one of their songs. They won me over anyway with their catchy tunes and, yes, actual hand clapping. I bought their album that night, and after looking past the kitschy first track, found it to be just as good as their live show.

There's been a lot of buzz about CYHSY in the last year. They are good and they are fun but they are not the new saviors of indie rock. The lead singer sounds a little like a young David Byrne and 90% of their lyrics are completely unintelligible. Despite that, they're still great. Do good music everywhere a favor and buy this album.


Jeff and I were talking a couple weeks ago about inappropriate love songs and since I have some weddings to go to this year, I'd like some feedback. What are inappropriate love songs? They're songs that people dance to at proms or play at weddings that sound all sweet and lovey. Upon a closer listen to the lyrics, however, one might realize that their love-like themes are perhaps more sinister than a wedding or prom may suggest.

It all started with a discussion of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. It's a sweet little tune, but it's really just about being high and running into your ex on the subway. Not exactly the stuff of great love affairs. The Police are full of inappropriate love songs with "Every Breath You Take" being an all-time classic. It sounds like love at first, then it sounds like stalking. Take your pick.

So I'd like build a little list of inappropriate love songs. Send me your suggestion and reason why it's inappropriate and we'll see what we come up with. Maybe the best suggestion will get a free song from iTunes. That sounds like a good deal to me.

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Maggie said...

I think the worst offender is "The One I Love," R.E.M.

I'm still embarrassed I put it on a love mix for my boyfriend during my freshman year in high school.