I wonder, do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in so well?

Crash is the last of the Dave Matthews Band albums still left on Declan. Most everything else has been kicked off to make room for better music, but I just can't get rid of Crash, it's a big Nostalgia Train CD for me.

According to Mr. Amazon, Crash was released April 30, 1996, almost 10 years ago to the day. I was in college and it was the album that every college student owned. Everybody played it in their apartment. It was literally the soundtrack of my life for a year or two. I couldn't have avoided it if I wanted to.

Everybody is sick of the song "Crash" by now. It was on the radio constantly. I'm still a big fan of "Two Step" even if it took me about six months to figure out that the line was the very Yoda, "celebrate, we will" and not my preferred "celebrate, drool." Eh, it's Dave's loss.

So I think this might be my last hurrah for Crash. I'm going to need to make some room for new albums and it's just not something I listen to much these days. I'll be sure to bust it out the next time I want to think about college, though.

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