Without your tight little denim, your virtues would all go unknown

There are some bands that have one song. It's more pervasive than a "sound''or style, it just seems to be one song. Don't know what I'm talking about? Think of Everclear, Oasis or Tom Petty. Also, think of Cake.

Now, my take on bands with one song is easy. If you like the one song, you'll love the band and if you don't you won't. But after listening to Comfort Eagle by Cake I was faced with a third question. What if you like the song a little, but it starts to get on your nerves?

Cake is probably best known for their 1996 hit 'The Distance" and everything they've released pretty much sounds like that. I bought Fashion Nugget and enjoyed it, but it wasn't love. I don't know what compelled me to purchase their 2001 album Comfort Eagle, then. I knew I only loved them enough for one album. It was probably some CD club deal.

Comfort Eagle is catchy and it's pretty fun, but I just find myself getting tired of the one song. I'm capable of loving one song bands. I have many albums by Oasis and Everclear, I think I'm just tired of Cake's one song.


Josh said...

Dude, Tom Petty has a sound, not just one song.

Shawn said...

Yeah...and Everclear has like two songs that it alternates back and forth like a metronome.

Anyway, the inner white college boy in me makes me love Cake. I love them even more than margarine. And I like margarine just fine thank you. I love them even as much as Miracle Whip, and I use that shit for all my sandwich needs because it's way better than plain mayo.

In fact, I'm going to listen to Cake right now. It's not even noon yet. Yeah...I'm just that crazy...

And, by the way, Tom Petty eats small, whiney British children (boys mostly) with tea and marmelade. I'd be careful when you talk about him.

Anonymous said...

I really loved Cake's first release "Motorcade of Generosity," but after interviewing singer John McCrea for the sadly defunct Columbus magazine Moo, I started to enjoy them less and less. I found McCrea to be a pompous, self-righteous twat, and the experience has unfortunately given Cake a rather rotten taste for me.

Guitarist Greg Brown, however, was gracious, friendly and a great interviewee. Too bad (but not surprisingly) he left the band.

Eileen said...

You should check out Deathray. It's the band Greg Brown formed after Cake and also features former Cake drummer Todd Roper.

Todd also records with Golden Shoulders thus proving Nevada City to be the center of the universe.

Shawn said...

If by 'center of the universe' you mean 'life devouring black hole from which nothing returns intact', then Nevada City truly is the center of the universe.

And that makes us universe trekking adventurers who faced the dark unknown and lived to tell about it. Hah, singularities make me laugh.

And speaking of N.C., I've decided that Joanna Newsom doesn't actually sound like an elf... It's more of a crazy Appalachian dwarf on a killing spree type sound. Despite that, I kind of like her stuff too. I swear the fact she looks cute only has a little bit to do with it.