Dancing Nancies

I know this is a little late, but I thought I would devote a little of my endless yet valuable blog space to congratulate my friend Nancy. She just graduated from MIT with an MBA (That's a lot of initials!) and now she's back out in the great big world.

Now go out there and get a sweet job so I can live in the room above your garage!

Seriously, I have known Nancy since high school and she's awesome. She holds the singular distinction of being the only person to visit me at every place I've lived since I left high school. She even made it out to Marengo, Iowa! She has yet to make it to The 'Nati, though, so that's a situation we're going to have to rectify soon.

Just to prove I've known her for so long, here's a picture of me and her and our friend Michelle (on the right) from the summer after we graduated.

Okemos High School Class of '95! Posted by Hello


Nancy said...

Eileen! Thanks so much for your post. Your writing is fantastic, and I read your blog every chance I get. Good job.

So my big news is that I have a new job in NYC, and will be living there as of July 1. You have an open invitation to visit, and I promise to make it to 'Nati soon.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

Eileen said...

Well congrats on the job, too, then! Keep an eye out for the Olsen Twins when you're in New York.