I'm proud to announce that my summer mix CD is finally done. I'll give you an idea of what's on it in the days to come. Until then, if you're someone I usually see every day I'm sure you'll get a copy soon. If you're someone I don't run across, you should email me with your address and perhaps I will send you a copy. It's just that easy.


Trevor Record said...

I go through several albums a day. My music consumption is insatiable.

Eileen said...

I put a Rilo Kiley song on my CD so that should make you happy. Of course, it's the obvious choice of "Portions for Foxes" or what my friend Sarah calls, "That song about touching leading to sex."

Maggie said...

I'm so happy that your summer mix finally arrived. You've been telling me about most of those songs for so long, I've been really tempted to buy them on iTunes.

You just saved me a small fortune. Thanks.

You'll get my next mix -- A Asspocket of Sunshine -- right quick.