Mystic Pizza

A couple weeks ago I came home from the Hofbrauhaus and found a crumpled receipt outside my front door. Figuring it was something I dropped on my way out, I picked it up. When I finally took the time to look it over, however, it presented me with a new mystery.

The receipt showed that someone from LaRosa's had attempted to deliver a large pizza, a couple of subs and some sort of pasta dish to my apartment around 8:30 that night (I left the house at 7:45). It had my name and address but I'm really pretty sure I didn't order it.

At one point I thought I had the mystery solved. LaRosa's uses your home phone number to keep track of who you are and where you live. The number on the receipt was my old land line that I got rid of a year ago. I figured maybe somebody has my new number and didn't pay attention when they verified the address.

This theory was shot down with one simple phone call to my old number. It's still disconnected. So now I have absolutely no idea what happened. I feel bad for the delivery guy, the order was more than $40. I hope I'm not blackballed from LaRosa's because of this either. Any ideas about how this could happen?

Favorite Song of the Week:
"No One is to Blame" by Howard Jones - He was on Hit Me Baby, One More Time last week and was excellent. He just sat at a piano and belted out tunes like he was David Gray or something. If I owned a label, I'd have signed him immediately.

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Trevor Record said...

It's a mystery! The kind that only scooby and the gang could possibly solve.

Hofbrauhaus sounds like the sort of place that would ally with the bread garden and sushimi sushi and attempt to take over the food industry.