We all have priorities

I went by a gas station to get a soda after I got off work last night. It was a little after midnight and the place was surprisingly crowded, so crowded that they had to open another register.

Two men immediately ran over to the open register. The first guy was looking for Trojan condoms. The guy behind the counter said, "Rubbers? All's the rubbers we got are over there and it looks like ... we'll looks like we don't got any." The customer let out of little yowl of disapproval, stood there with a disbelieving look for a minute and quietly moved on.

The second guy asked for rolling papers. The gas station guy was equally as helpful this time. "We don't have any except for this bunch that's all stuck together. The glue from the labels and shit got everywhere so they're all stuck."

The second customer also couldn't believe what he'd heard. He was about to leave when he was struck by inspiration.

"Give me some cigarillos, whatever you got." (This man was obviously not looking to use those rolling papers on tobacco products.) Not to fear, D.A.R.E. mothers, the gas station didn't have any cigarillos either. This customer, too, was sent out into the dark night with no way to smoke his drugs. If only he'd bought a pipe!

So the question arises, what good is an all night gas station if they don't have prophylactics or tobacco products? Apparently, not much.

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Shawn said...

Yeah, but they do sell cans of soda right? At least that would solve one guy's problems for the evening...

It's all about creativity late at night.